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Bringing You Reliable Services At Every Step

  • Comprehensive medical cover by our well qualified practitioners

    15 min

  • Looking after your precious little ones every step of the way

    25 min

  • Womens Health Services

    30 min

  • Probably the best physio in the country

    45 min

    From 70,000 Tanzanian shillings
  • Vast range of dental services for our patients

    1 hr

  • Skin beauty treatments

    45 min

    From 30,000 Tanzanian shillings
  • Eye Testing & Health Services. Wide variety of frames and contacts

    30 min

    Starting at 30,000
Interior of Pharmacy

Home delivery from our Pharmacy

Insurance Accepted

We accept both local and international Insurance.

Local Insurance

International Insurance

For further clarification on the insurance please call +255 739 542 542

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