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Mukta Singh

Occupational Therapist

M. O. Th (pediatric)

Mukta came across an Occupational Therapy after attending a therapy session for the child of a family friend. She was fascinated by the techniques used by the therapists to manage this ‘difficult’ child. That inspiration gave her path to choose Occupational Therapy as her Career Goal. She completed her Masters in Occupational therapy (pediatrics) from Jamia Hamdard University New Delhi in 2012.

During her training period and internship, she was posted in various type of occupational therapy settings as special school and hospitals. She explored Occupational Therapy role and worked with post-stroke, cerebral palsy child, autism, ADHD, muscular dystrophy, down syndrome etc. She is very passionate working with kids and empathetic to care giver. She believes in Evidence based practice and utilizing assessment tools as well as intervention approaches. She likes to help clients with psychological issues using her organized counselling skills.

Mukta Singh
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