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Carbon Facial

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Let’s talk about ways to reduce large pores, dull complexion, blackheads or acne.

With this non-invasive treatment, you will uncover a new glow to your skin.

Also known as a “Hollywood Facial” or a “China Doll” treatment, this carbon laser facial reduces the appearance of marks, imperfections and fine lines / wrinkles and improves the firmness and overall appearance of the skin.

It is a great anti-ageing treatment for the face, neck, back, hands and chest.Advanced technology. Outstanding results.

The Laser Peel operates at a safe yet effective energy level for remarkable, long-lasting results. It is effective for all skin colors and ideal for sun-damaged skin.

In fact, physicians have noted that the Laser Facial exfoliates the skin’s surface layers so you will feel your skin is tighter and more supple.

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