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Occupational Therapy

ADL – Self Help Training

Comprehensive Assessment & Intervention Plan

Emotional Regulation Training

Rhythmic Movement and Primitive Reflex Integration

Cognitive and perceptual training

Early Intervention Services

Fine Motor / Writing skill training

Sensory Integration Programs

Occupational therapy (OT) is a branch of Allied health care that people of all age group who have physical, sensory or cognitive problems. We use different approaches and strategies to help people regain independence in all areas of their lives. We help with barriers that affects a personal’s emotional, cognitive, social and physical needs. To do this we use activities as mode for treatment, exercises and other technical approaches.

Our patients are referred by various Doctor for specific medical condition, schools for degrading academic performances, day care for developmental issues.

We do comprehensive assessment for performance skills, difficulties and strength specifically for children. Process of Evaluation and assessment takes 2-3 session to get a road map for intervention plan with consent of parents or caregivers. Occupational therapy session usually taken for 45min to 1 hour depending on Intervention management plan. Thrice session a week are usually suggested for good outcomes, but decision always taken according to findings of assessment and management plan. We provide full support to caregiver by providing understanding of condition and guideline for handling ‘difficult ‘ child at home.


Medical condition that mostly addressed by Occupational therapist includes in
Pediatric, Geriatrics, Neurology and Mental health
Such as

-Developmental delay or defects
-Sensory processing disorder
-Cerebral palsy
-Learning disorder or problems
-Attention deficit hyperactive disorder
-Down syndrome
-Mental health or behavioral problems
-Spina bifida
-Hand injuries
-Traumatic injuries of brain or spinal cord


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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Mukta Singh

Occupational Therapist

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