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Womens Health Services

Prenatal, antenatal and postnatal care

We will assist you through the journey of childbirth from the begining to the end

Sexual and reproductive health service

A woman's reproductive health at all stages of her life is our priority

Gynaecological surgeries

We perform a wide range of major and minor gynaecological procedures

Conception and fertility

We work with our couples in making their wishes come true

Normal and operative deliveries

You can trust to handle you and your bundle of joy safely

Cervical cancer screening

We encourge all women between 21-65 years of age to have a cervical check up at least every 3 years

Adolescent health services

We are happy to assist the female child in the transition from childhood into adulthood

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Interior of Pharmacy

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Meet the Team

Dr. Mubina Salum Suleiman


Dr Eshi-Fisha Linda Sawe


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