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Acute Sickness

Acute Sickness

Get the right diagnosis

Our diagnostic skills, which include a detail history taking, means we can often come to a solution without any tests.

We perform multiple system checks with each of our examinations, which ensure we don't miss anything. 

We have a full back up of laboratory tests and radiology imaging to make sure we reach the right diagnosis. 

Our extensive experience at dealing with common symptoms including fever, cough, cold, pain, rashes, headaches, sickness & much much more means we can arrive at the solution much quicker, giving you the right treatment in order to get better. 

Unlike many other clinics, our aim is to keep your health our main focus, without over-prescribing. 

We will only prescribe what is necessary.

We have  fully equipped observation bay for those he need to have a short stay to deal with their illness 

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