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Health benefits of Acupuncture

For migraines and tension headaches. It decreases the pain intensity and frequency of episodes because of its analgesic effect.

For low back pain caused by muscle sprain, lumbar disc degeneration, lumbar disk herniation, poor posture and over exertion. 

Acupuncture decreases pain intensity and increases better function.

For Chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis, decreases pain, inflammation and stiffness and increases range of motion in your knee.

 Also improves your quality of life and help you participate in day to day activities.

Acupuncture increases the feel good chemicals in the body, this helps to reduce stress, calm your mind and increases mental clarity and provides you with better sleep.

Relief from digestive conditions such as constipation, bloating and acid reflux.

Improves immune system and relieves allergies such as allergic rhinitis.

Reduces neck tension, shoulder pain and hip pain.

Relieves joint pain in the hands and arms.

Increases metabolism and reduces appetite for weight loss.

For gynaecological conditions such as amenorrhea (delayed menses), irregular menstruation, primary dysmenorrhea (painful menses) and also helps to boost fertility.

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