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Fire cupping involves the use of fire to warm and remove air from the cup, which is made of glass or bamboo to facilitate suction when placed onto the skin. This is often used for warming the body to expel a cold, for pain caused by cold or damp weather and also for pain caused by prolonged direct cold air from an air conditioner.

For treatment of: Common cold and allergic rhinitis, for arthritis, for muscle pain, for stiffness of neck and back, for heavy sensation of the body when you wake up in the morning, for paralysis and poor circulation.

Flash cupping-involves use of fire to warm and remove air from a glass cup and placing it quickly onto the skin to facilitate suction, then quickly removing it and repeating the process several times. This is used to warm the skin and facilitate blood circulation in local area. Commonly used for facial palsy.

Dry cupping-involves the placing of special plastic cups onto the skin by using an air pump to create suction. This form of cupping can be used for warm and dry weather.

For treatment of: Muscle aches due to overwork and poor posture, for muscle stiffness, for neck and back pain, for sciatica and leg numbness, for increasing immune system and relaxation, for increasing blood circulation.

Wet cupping- involves the practitioner making small incisions onto the skin, then placing the cups to create suction. This is commonly used for removing toxins from the blood through the skin. Its also used for removing clotted blood in the skin. The cups used are sterilised but often a patient is asked to bring their own cups.

For treatment of: Herpes zosters, eczema, facial palsy, varicose vein.

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